MUO condemns government’s despotic attempts to destroy political party system through coercing sections of the judiciary to incriminate opposition leaders

The Maldives United Opposition (MUO) condemns in the strongest terms the government’s despotic attempts to destroy the political party system in Maldives through coercing sections of the judiciary to incriminate opposition leaders.

In the latest such attempt, terrorism charges were announced against Deputy Leader of the Maldives United Opposition and Chairperson of the Maldivian Democratic Party Mr. Ali Waheed. The charges claim that his address in a May Day rally this year was seditious. The publication of the charges on the Criminal Court’s website are inconsistent as it was public knowledge that the respondent had lawfully travelled abroad after initial charges were withdrawn in May and had been in exile in the UK ever since.

The government’s control over sections of the judiciary was made apparent yet again in the recent issuance of Court orders to tamper with internal administration of political parties and unlawful rulings to transfer political leaders from their legitimate posts in their respective parties.

It was blatantly made obvious that the government was never committed to democracy or the rule of law by its unilateral decision last week to leave the Commonwealth.  These irregular actions are obvious attempts to divert attention from credible allegations of theft, high corruption, bribery, money laundering and violence.

The Maldives United Opposition also expresses much alarm over the increasing tyranny of the government, which is obsessed with reintroducing the death penalty and recklessly impetuous on meting out prison terms and other punitive Court rulings against political opponents.

The Maldives United Opposition appeals to friendly countries, international institutions and the Maldives Security Services to initiate urgent processes of legal and diplomatic engagements on prima facie evidence of high crimes being perpetrated by President Yaameen Abdul Gaayoom and associates.

The Maldives United Opposition shall keep moving forward with our stated objective to oust President Yameen Abdul Gayoom as soon as possible and form an interim Unity Government to ensure free fair, transparent, credible and inclusive elections in 2018.