Call for President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom’s immediate resignation

London, 07 September 2016 – The Maldives United Opposition (MUO) calls upon President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom to resign immediately and to hand over power for the establishment of an interim Unity Government that will pave the way for free and fair Presidential Elections by 2018.

The Maldives United Opposition reiterates calls for the Maldives Security Services to arrest President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom for widespread allegations of corruption and abuse of power, the latest revealed by in-depth investigations telecast worldwide by Middle Eastern broadcaster Al Jazeera. 

The complex array of numerous crimes revealed by Al Jazeera’a documentary “Stealing Paradise” includes massive corruption, including theft bribery and money laundering in addition to the heinous crimes with intentions to murder, harm numerous persons and destruction of property.

The Maldives United Opposition also calls upon the Maldives Supreme Court and all concerned authorities and institutions as well as international institutions to immediately initiate necessary processes against persons involved, especially President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom and his cronies at the nexus, in perpetrating these high crimes.