MUO street gatherings begin in Addu City. Meeting held in Feydhoo at forefront of participation from other atolls and islands

28 July 2016 Addu City- The Maldives United Oppositions street gatherings and political activity have begun in Addu City. A well-attended meeting was held on the night of 28 July in front of the MDP Haruge Activity Centre in Feydhoo in which key speakers included prominent political and popular figures from Addu City including Mayor Abdullah Sadiq and MP for Hithadhoo South Constituency Ali Nizar. Speakers highlighted the need for an interim administration for the Maldives to hold free, fair transparent inclusive and credible elections.

Special prayers will be read out after Friday congregation prayers at mosques in Feydhoo, Hithadhoo as well as Male’.

Tonight’s assembly is scheduled to be held at a venue on the main street of Maradhoo Feydhoo in front “Dhivehi Fehun” from 21Hrs. The MUOs activities assembly in Male’ is scheduled to be held in front of the MDP Haruge Activities Centre on the eastern Marine Drive of Male’ from 2200 Hrs.