Condemnation of Government Attempts to Abuse the Criminal Justice System to Harass and Incriminate Political Opponents

The Maldives United Opposition condemns in the strongest terms Maldives government’s attempts to bring fabricated charges and unlawfully implicate Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed , Leader of the Maldives United Opposition and Mr. Akram Kamaaludeen, President of the Male’ Caucus of the Maldivian Democratic Party and Chairman of Raajje TV, the only independent and dedicated news channel that covers opposition events.

On 19 June 2016 Police told reporters in Male’ that were working to subpoena Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and Mr. Akram Kamaaludeen to present themselves at Police Headquarters and that they have attempted to serve Police summonses to their addresses in Male’. Police had further stated that the summonses were in connection to a number of cases they were investigating, including that of involvement in forging a Court Warrant for Police to arrest President Yaamen Abdul Gayoom.

The Police insinuations that Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and Mr. Akram Kamaaludeen were involved in criminal cases are blatant fabrications.

It was less than 24 hours after the launch of the Maldives United Opposition, on 01 June 2016, that an anonymous witness (purported to be a Policeman in custody in the case) was arranged to waive his personal appearance at Court; to come forward and give electronic testimony (with voice alterations) saying that Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and Mr. Akram Kamaaludeen were behind the issuance of the allegedly forged Court Warrant (for the Police to arrest President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom.)

Magistrate Ahmed Nihan and former Prosecutor General Muhuthaz Mushin, (sentenced last week to 17 year jail terms in the case) stated at Court that the warrant involved investigations into the President embezzling state funds. It is also inconsistent that, no one had brought any allegations implicating either Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed or Mr. Akram Kamaaludeen in the case from the time Police began investigations on 07 February 2016 till June 2nd June 2016, just a day after MUO announced their coalition.

Recent moves to launch criminal investigations against opposition clearly are an attempt to discredit and intimidate the United Opposition through unlawful court processes and calls upon the government of Maldives and Maldives Police Services to refrain from such unlawful actions.